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 Emerging Business of the Year Awards

The Kansas Small Business Development Center at Wichita State University/Cloud County Community College Outreach Center selected your business as the 2008 Emerging Business of the Year. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend the 6th annual Emerging and Existing Businesses of the Year Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 in Topeka from 3-5:30pm. This is an exciting event that not only recognizes your achievements but includes an opportunity for you to display your products and services. This event is usually held on the 2nd floor Rotunda of the Statehouse. Due to construction projects taking place at the Statehouse, we will have our ceremony across the street from the Statehouse at the Dillon House, 404 SW. 9th Street. You can find more information about the Dillon House here: http://skyways.lib.ks.us/orgs/schs/preservation/photosdillon.html

We are also honored to have Lori Keegan, owner of Transition by Design, as our guest speaker. Mrs. Keegan is a transition strategist and KSBDC client. We have invited the state legislators from your district to present your award.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules for the video interview for our 6th Annual Emerging and Existing Businesses of the year DVD. We will show this video at our ceremony and you will receive a DVD copy.

Enclosed you will find the program and other detailed information about the requirements the Dillon House has in place for displaying your products. Please review the reservation form and return it in the postage paid envelope by February 17.

We invite you to read all of the 2008 KSBDC success stories. They are posted on our website at http://www.kansas.gov/ksbdc/Success_Stories_&_Impact/index.html.

We look forward to seeing you soon and hope that you will enjoy meeting other award recipients and members of the KSBDC team.

Wally Kearns,
State Director


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